The OneSource teamís sole focus is efficient and effective customer experiences. We have a track record of providing clients innovative approaches to measure and improve customer satisfaction while reducing cost per transaction.

We understand the challenges of running a contact center. The complexities involved in service delivery span people, process, and technology. However, customer experience groups (Care, HR, Tech Support, Recruiting & Help Desk) are often not provided the appropriate strategic resources required to operate in world-class fashion.

We assist groups trapped by the decisions of the past and require a paradigm shift in their operation in order to challenge and break out of current model.

Our unique background as executives, contact center entrepreneurs and pioneers in cloud-based technologies, hiring strategies,
leveraging remote workforces, and hybrid outsourcing
models along with our hands-on approach have
helped many companies improve their efficiency,
cutting operating costs, while increasing their
customer satisfaction rates.


Leveraging a flexible workforce

Is it hard to transition to a flexible workforce? Yes. Is it hard to implement an at-home contact center? Yes. Is all this hard work worth it? Absolutely. Whether you are motivated to improve your quality or to reduce your cost, nothing will give you a better return on your hard work effort than to move to a flexible workforce working from home...