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Kevin Childs

Kevin Childs

Contact Center Professional and Co-Author

Mr. Childs and team, support companies in gaining efficiencies and customer service effectiveness with their customer experience groups. With a focus on scalable and virtual solutions that match talent and technology resources to address business needs. Including: people, processes and technology, allowing flexibility in the acquisition, location, including work@home employees.

Mr. Childs co-authored the book Interpreting the Voice of the Customer, with Dr. Jon Anton, of Purdue University. With career experience built on human capital/staffing and on-demand/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and workforce optimization industries, he has held numerous executive leadership positions that have influenced the Contact Center Industry. Engagements or customers have included leading US Multi-National Fortune 500 and foreign based companies.

Industry Speaking Engagements

  • SOCAP, Chicago Ill
  • Strategic Outsourcing, Moscow Russia
  • Contact Center World, Moscow, Russia
  • Contact Center World, Berlin, Germany
  • Frost&Sullivan Contact Center Europe, Dublin, Ireland
  • Frost&Sullivan Contact Center West, Huntington Beach, California
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield/CCNG Regional Conference, Birmingham, AL
  • CCNG Regional Conference, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • CCNG Regional Conference, Dallas, Texas
  • CCNG Regional Conference, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • CCNG Regional Conference, Chicago, Illinois
  • Call Center Summit, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • DestinationCRM, New York City, New York
  • Entrepreneur Forum @ Novell, Provo, Utah
  • Customer Service Week, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • CCNG Regional Conference, Phoenix, Arizona
  • CCNG Regional Conference, Tampa, Florida
  • Channel Partners Conference & Expo, Washington DC
  • RightNow Technologies Summit, Denver, Colorado
  • SpeechTEK, New York, New York - Keynote Presenter
  • Call Center Campus, Purdue University - Keynote Presenter

Maintaining Transparency with your Outsource or Manage Service Provider while exceeding the Customer and CFO's expectations.

The need of achieving predictable and scalable human capital and customer experience resources have led organizations to consider outsourcing or manage service providers to deliver on customer expectations.

Chief Executives and Financial Officers have recently expanded their view beyond cost reductions, revenue increases and market share to the value of a delighted customer and the need to create "apostles" among the customer base, no matter where the workforce resides, that being an in-house or outsource resource.

Mr. Childs explores the latest battles of competition, the evolution of outsourcing and how the most innovative companies and providers capture the benefits of outsourcing, while maintaining the right elements of control and transparency.

Best Practices in Creating Work@Home Solutions for your Customers

Keynote Topic (60- or 90-minute presentations geared toward economic development or senior leadership)

Changing demographics, shrinking workforces, volatile energy and transportation costs as well as business continuity needs have led to a recruiting, retention and business challenge. All of these considerations exist while Chief Executives have expanded their view beyond cost reductions, revenue increases and market share to the value of a delighted customer and the need to create "apostles" among the customer base, no matter where the workforce resides.

Mr. Childs explores the answer to these two challenges. Simply put, it resides in the ability of the organization to "take work to life" and into the geography and homes, no matter where the skilled workforce is found. In the past, business and work was confined to brick, mortar and a cubical. Childs introduces the road map to a successful @home deployment and how the technologies, processes and people do not have to mean, "too difficult for my IT Leader, or too expensive for my CFO". For the employee that has work taken to their life and they are posed with the question of "choose your commute", they realize they will actually enjoy the traffic and the extra hour a day.

Interpreting the Customer Voice into Bottom Line Benefit

Keynote Topic (60- or 90-minute presentations geared toward senior leadership or frontline supervisors)

Why do so many companies fall so far short of effectively translating valid customer feedback into bottom line benefit? It certainly isn't for lack of trying: 93 percent of all companies gather customer feedback. Yet, 67 percent don't do anything with this information. Those that do generally track and analyze the wrong measures things like sales volume, frequency of complaints or customer "state of mind."

Like many of life's best solutions, the answer to this dilemma lies in a brilliantly simple concept, well executed. Drawing from his book Interpreting the Voice of the Customer, Mr. Childs first reveals the not-so-surprising secret: listen to the voice of the customer literally. "That last word literally is the key," says Childs. "Research and experience have shown that there is no substitute for literal customer feedback in terms of positively affecting company and employee behavior." Remarkable improvements are possible when the customer is doing the coaching through immediate feedback.

The remaining challenge is bringing that insight to the bottom line. Childs shares best implementation practices, gleaned from his years of experience in leading contact center technology and customer service organizations. He shows how to use the same technology that gathers statistical service data to capture immediate post-encounter customer voice feedback, and make it instantly available to both supervisors and affected agents producing powerful positive results. He clarifies how to decipher core drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and translate them into Business Intelligence and competitive advantage with the agent being at the right place, at the right time, equipped with the right solutions to exceed a client's expectation.